Any advice to spend less on vacation

Every time we plan a trip, we find ourselves in the conditions of having to make choices. We often start our discussion, hoping to plan low-cost trips that will take us thousands of miles away, but obviously, this is not always the case.

When we decided to go to Seattle with an attached day trip to North Bend (the city of Twin Peaks), we knew we could continue our on the road to Canada and more in detail, go to British Columbia. And it was the best choice we could have made. This trip was one of the most beautiful we have done, and it is still vivid, although some time has passed.

It’s the end of July. In Seattle, we found cold temperatures with some rain, and in Vancouver, the weather forecasts full sun and 14 degrees. We are satisfied. Let’s go on a journey through the journey. Vancouver and British Columbia are waiting for us.

The five things not to miss in Vancouver

We arrive in Vancouver after almost 3 hours by car. Our stay in the city will be for three days. Then we will continue to Squamish and Whistler. These are the five things you must not miss in Vancouver:

  • Granville
  • Stanley park
  • Capilano Suspension Bridge Park
  • Harbor Center
  • Science World


The most commercial area of ​​the city. Shops, markets and lots of street food. It is located on a peninsula and is easily accessible along the Granville Bridge of the same name. Once it was an industrial area that was hardly beaten by tourists, but in recent years it has been redeveloped to become a reference point for tourism and entertainment. Our first meal in the city was consumed here, in the large Public Market. A great burger in a typical local pub.

Stanley Park

Stanley Park is the city park of over 400 hectares. Once you reach the perimeter of the park, you no longer seem to be in the city. It feels like being in the mountains, in the woods, and the feeling is beautiful. We got up with the idea of ​​having a picnic, inside the park and with the sandwiches we arrived in an area, in the forest, equipped for stops. Wooden tables and benches.

We settle in well. We begin to have lunch when we see leaves moving. We immediately think of an animal. But we certainly didn’t think of a raccoon. Our kind friend wants to eat with us. He reaches us and elegantly walks around our table. He studies us. He wants our sandwiches. We toss some tomatoes at him. We never did it! He looks at us defiantly and leaps onto the table with a leap. He wants all the sandwich now. We leave the racing area and end up eating our sandwiches in the car.

From that moment on, we look at our backs, but we continue our visit to the park until we reach BEAVER LAKE, the beaver lake, entirely covered by water lilies. In short, we are in the city center, in a beautiful natural oasis. It’s wonderful. We believe that all cities should have a green area like this.

Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

We strongly wanted this excursion. It looked like a tourist trap and instead turned out to be THE real Vancouver excursion. The suspended park is located about 10 km from the center of Vancouver and is a real adventure. We got there by car, of course, but there are free shuttles for tourists leaving Canada Place and Melville Street.

At the entrance, we found a little in a row, so if you can get there early in the morning. Once inside the feeling is that of being in the first episode of the Hunger Games. It’s all beautiful. Sequoias, owls, birds of all kinds and .. the very long suspension bridge: the real attraction. The bridge is over 100 meters long and is suspended at a height of 70 meters. It swings right, but it’s an experience we would do again.

This park is suitable for everyone, especially children.

There are also many paths suitable for everyone, and there are also sites referring to native Indians. A piece of history immersed in nature.

Harbor Center

At Harbor Center stands the building called SPACE NEEDLE, not to be confused with the undoubtedly most famous one we saw in Seattle. It is one of the most tourist attractions in the city. It is the building that houses the Lockout – the observatory. It’s for a fee, but it could be worth it if you love views from above. We have been there and recommend it.

Science World

The beautiful Vancouver Science Museum . Especially suitable for the little ones, it offers many ideas of a scientific nature. The architecture of the building that houses this magnificent museum is also impressive. Inside many interactive paths to learning more about how the world works.

Tip to save in Vancouver

During the planning of our trip, we immediately noticed that the prices of the hotels are high in Vancouver, so we preferred to stay outside the city, in Burnaby, where we found a very cozy b & b, with free parking and with a hearty and well cared for breakfast. Price 80 euros per night. Much less than the Vancouver average, estimated at 203 euros a day for a 3-star hotel.

If you want your trip to Vancouver to remain a low-cost trip, avoid staying in the city. Burnaby has nothing in particular, but we chose it because, in addition to being very close to our goal, we were shot several films, including Final Destination 3, Smallville, Juno, and the TV series X-files.

What to eat in Vancouver

During our stay in Vancouver, we ate in several restaurants, but we will not review any facilities because this route, although still current, was completed in 2011 and many places could be closed. But we can indicate which are the typical dishes you can taste in Vancouver, bearing in mind that the city is famous for fusion cuisine. Here’s what you could feel:

  • Pancakes with maple syrup: It is practically everywhere in Canada and is often served both at breakfast and mid-afternoon
  • Rice Pudding: rice mixed with cold milk, cinnamon, and maple syrup. There are several versions of this dish to which raisins, chocolate flakes, dehydrated fruit or various kinds of cereals are often added;
  • La Tourtiere: a spiced meat pie
  • Salmon Wellington strictly with cream and shrimp
  • Pasta salad: we have not tested it, because for us Italians it is a real insult. Cold pasta seasoned with oil and mayonnaise and sauteed vegetables. No thanks, too.

We get back in the car and head towards our next stops: SQUAMISH AND WHISTLER. We booked a suite this time, in a Squamish golf club. But we will tell you this in the next post.

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