Brighton: that’s why Londoners love it (Part 1)

We just got up, and the intention was to spend the weekend shopping, flea markets, and ethnic food. But there is the urge to take the bus to go downtown. The air is humid, it suffocates, and the weather is good. We go out and have breakfast in a famous Prime Rose Hill pastry shop and in front of a perfect cappuccino, we change the program. Let’s go to the beach! We will breathe better air, and in case it is boiling, no one will forbid it. Brighton is the best choice! It is relatively close and can be easily reached by BUS or by TRAIN and, which should not be underestimated, is a favorite destination for Londoners.

Let’s go back home, throw two things in the backpack, and immediately set off for Victoria Station. We buy the train ticket comfortably seated on the bus. The journey from Victoria Central Station to Brighton takes about 1 hour, and the ticket costs £ 15.

A modern train arrives. We take place and leave on time. We book our hotel during the trip, taking advantage of the free wifi of the English railways. We choose the Jurys Inn Brighton, located a stone’s throw from the station and not far from the waterfront. The figure is not low cost, but for one night it can be done — total cost £ 159 for a double room, very spacious and a spotless bathroom. We willingly choose not to have breakfast at the hotel as it would raise the room rate to £ 189. We got informed directly by train. We will have breakfast in one of the many cafés in the city.

What to do and what to see in Brighton

Brighton, with its 230,000 residents, is anything but a small village typical of the English coast. It is a cosmopolitan city, colorful, a bit hipster, but suitable for any tourism and with exciting things to see.

After a little over 1 hour, we are in Brighton. The station is large and tidy. At the exit there is a beautiful dark green food truck, the signs are in Italian, and the smell of pizza is unmistakable! The owners are two Neapolitan boys who prepare pizza directly in their wood-fired oven, which is placed in the back. We order an espresso we already have a lunch program: we want Fish & Chips, a typical Brighton dish.

From a distance, you can see the Ferris wheel, a symbol of the city skyline.

In a few minutes, we are on the seafront, and the famous Brighton Pier is there calling us! The pier, unrivaled symbol of the city, is ahead of us. Let’s get closer. We want to see it well.

Brighton Pier

The Brighton Pier is a real piece of city history. Inaugurated in 1891 and became in 1971 British architectural heritage of grade II. For English, it is a real national monument!

It is about 500 meters long, and inside there are shops, clubs, and rides. A sort of amusement park on the water. Decadent but charming atmosphere and the visit is highly recommended, better if after lunch. We found it relaxing.

Strolling here and there it was one o’clock in the afternoon, and we are hungry. The goal is to find a good restaurant that serves excellent fish & chips. As we approach the sea there are several, but we are attracted to the Brighton Pier, we want to eat there, with a sea view. A few minutes and we are already seated at the VICTORIA’S table. Restaurant offering a splendid panorama, and antique cutlery. Time stands up, and our Fish & Chips are enormous.

The fish is delicious, the breading is crunchy, and as we scan the sea, we discuss things to see and what to take home as a souvenir. The fridge magnet is now a must, but we would like to take away something that is only in Brighton. We are sure that we will find something for the weekend. We pay the bill and move towards the Royal Pavillon, a gigantic palace located in the heart of the city.

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