Como: Latteria San Fedele

Thirty years of experience and top raw materials!

We chose the Latteria San Fedele Restaurant attracted by the iron tables that can be seen from the street and from the sign of the old dairy that can be seen from afar.

It’s 12:20. The room manager lets us sit at a beautiful big table, with very comfortable chairs. We find ourselves in a beautiful old arcade and immediately notice the antique sinks on the walls — those of the past. And everything reminds us of our childhood. The environment is very bright because natural light enters directly from the ceiling, thanks to the installation of a simple, transparent cover that lets the light filter in and protects from the rain.

And we are at the service: the staff is kind and punctual. The menu does not have many dishes, and this is a good sign for us. We don’t like restaurants with endless cards. We prefer a few things but do them well. We prefer the choice of raw materials rather than a too wide choice.

We order a Greek salad to start, followed by lasagne with crunchy vegetables and grilled tomato with grilled vegetables. Perfect service times. They all served at the same time, and the succession of courses took place at the right time. Neither too early nor too late.

Another thing we appreciated: no one rushed us to free the table, although the place was full at around 13:15. The only advice we can give is to bring the first ones a little warmer. Our lasagna was hot, but it wasn’t hot. And they froze too fast during lunch. For the rest, it was a pleasant surprise!

Even the coffee that is often mediocre in restaurants, at Latteria San Fedele is excellent and is accompanied by Rossana candy (trendy) instead of the classic chocolate.

We are happy to announce that we have a new favorite restaurant in Como and is called Latteria San Fedele.

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