Harry Potter: Livorno turns into Hogwarts

Harry Potter fans and magic fans this post is for you! A few days ago we talked about Livorno and the Fortress so dear to the people of Livorno, and we are here today to report a magical event.

Who hasn’t dreamed at least once of being sorted by the talking hat of the world’s most famous Magic School? Who wouldn’t want to be part of the Harry Potter House? You don’t have to fly to London to see Hogwarts! Now the opportunity is for everyone! An event for adults and children that can have fun with lessons and magic demonstrations.

Happy birthday Harry Potter: so Livorno becomes Hogwarts

The Draconis association organized together with the Municipality of Livorno, the Fifth Gathering of Harry Potter fans to be held from 24 to 29th August 29th.

The Old Fortress and the New Fortress will be transformed into the most famous School of Magic and Witchcraft in the cinema, and the whole city will be involved in the event. So Livorno turns into Hogwarts and will host a real “Summer School” of magic.

Many appointments in these six days of the event. It begins on August 24th with the classic “sorting ceremony”, continuing with traditional games such as the Quiddich, the magic chess, the Ceppo ball, alternated by real workshops and magic lessons held by geologists, scientists, doctoral students, anthropologists of the University of Pisa which will give added value to the event.

Our favorite event? The spell duel to be held in the famous Terrazza Mascagni on August 26th at 10 pm.

How to participate


To experience the experience of our Association throughout the year we recommend that you join our Facebook Group.

Once you have carried out the Sorting Test, you will be added to the Facebook Group of your Home, where you will meet your teammates and you can collaborate with them to earn points in the Cup of Houses in view of the Meeting!

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