How do you eat abroad?

When we are elsewhere, and we call friends and starters, the most common question is:

How do you eat there?

As if the only problem is food. It seems that when one leaves the country “Italy,” one should no longer eat or start from the assumption that one eats poorly wherever one goes.

Our relationship with food is different: we like to taste everything. We are carnivorous, and we have no intolerance problems. Therefore we feel most traditional dishes.

Human beings like to experiment, and we are not different: flavors, fragrances, places. Everything for us is a JOURNEY.

But sometimes we also taste what the locals call “ethnic food” but for us, it’s “Italian food” and believe me it’s not all bad what’s around.

First of all, it is good to be aware of the fact that often abroad, a simple pasta with pesto is completely distorted to meet the taste of the locals.

This does not mean that it is poorly made. This means “adaptation.” Did you ever order a pizza and instead of oregano find a spice that you don’t recognize? The reason is simple: sometimes the raw materials that we consider “common” abroad are not and therefore adapt. For us, this is culture, and it is a way to integrate 100% with the place.

During our travels, we also found real Italian restaurants, with the authenticity of home, with the right recipes, menus only in Italian and pasta al dente. Locals are serving traditional Italian dishes, dishes that make you feel at home, and that makes you excited. And the truth is that for us, Italians food is sacred. This is why it fills us with pride when we see a typical home product on a supermarket shelf 9000 km away. At that moment, you feel a connection, even if it comes from so far away. Did you know, for example, that in Lima, Peruvians are crazy about panettone? And they always eat it, all year round, not just at Christmas. We like this thing.

And now comes the beauty. Many have asked us in which place we ate better, and with certainty, we cannot say. We have always eaten well, even in areas where we think we eat poorly.

An example above all: Germany. Well in Munich we ate so well that again if we close our eyes, we see the leg of pork and the mug of beer that calls us.

But if we have to give a gold star, a prize, an honorable mention, to the country or city that most astonished us, we choose London and England.

We can make this consideration with high confidence because we have visited London thirty times in the last 20 years and we can say that restaurants have improved a lot. Both in service and in food. The whole sector has made great strides by offering tourists and Londoners a real riot of flavors.

Perhaps it was easier for them: England does not have a great culinary tradition, or at least not like us Italians, so we like to think that they have been able to “steal” the best things from all the great cuisines (Turkish, Greek, Japanese, Thai, Chinese, Italian and French) creating a more modern and cosmopolitan network of flavors.

And then there are so many good pizzerias, those with Neapolitan pizza that you don’t expect to find. The one that doesn’t even exist in Italy. Seeing is believing.

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