How to tour the low cost world … or almost

What is the Round World Ticket and how to buy it?

We have thought about it a lot of times and sifting through the net has found the ideal solution for those with money and lots of time.

Not everyone knows in fact that there is a ticket that would help to realize this dream, not very publicized, at least in Italy, but very widespread in the rest of the world, especially in the Anglo-Saxon countries.

This particular ticket is issued by the main airline alliances and allows you to travel with all the associated companies, touching all the continents.

How long does it take to travel around the world?

The more time you have, the better, however, no more than a year otherwise your Round World Ticket expires. We have estimated a trip of about 6-7 months, but obviously, it depends on the itinerary and the possibilities. No, rest assured we are not about to leave for this beautiful undertaking. Unfortunately, we have not yet reached the budget, and above all, we cannot afford to leave Italy for so long, but in the future, who knows …

The Round World Ticket is not exempt from regulations. In short, you can’t do what you want. Every company has its own rules, but with a little practice and a little ingenuity, you can manage to realize this dream. Here are some states more or less familiar to all companies and some tips to save:

Where to buy

The Round World Ticket can be purchased directly at the ticket offices of the airline alliances. For example, on the SkyTeam website, which includes 19 companies, you can instantly book the dream route. Often there are also discounts and promotions.

But is it possible to organize everything like a real DIY journey? Of course, yes. We started by making our itinerary that includes 11 different countries, departure and returns to Milan Malpensa. What do you think? Here it is in detail:

Russia – China – Japan – Philippines – Australia – New Zealand – Polynesia – Peru – Argentina – South Africa – Madagascar.

How much does it cost to go around the world with the Round World Ticket?

Costs? It depends on the companies and how many countries you visit. This our itinerary packed estimates the costs around 6,700 euros, in economy class and up to 19,800 euros if you choose the comfort of the Business Class. We are sure that it is undoubtedly worth it, especially if you can afford to stay away from 10 to 12 months.

Regulations and useful tips :

  • Departure and return must be made to the same airport.
  • You cannot visit more than 16 countries (some up to 25 countries)
  • Routes cannot be reversed. If you decide to go east, the second destination should always be to the east. You cannot go west. For example, Milan-Praha-London is not allowed. While Milan-Praha-Moscow is a permitted route since it starts and continues eastward and so on.
  • The itinerary must be defined when the ticket is issued and cannot be changed.
  • Airport charges are never included and must be paid separately, route after the journey.
  • The ticket has a maximum validity of 12 months;
  • If you miss a route for any reason, the company will also cancel all subsequent flights. The advice is to call the company immediately and warn.
  • Attention: costs vary depending on the country of departure. First, therefore, it is useful to evaluate the starting cities. It could be worthwhile, for example, to start in Romania and not from Italy.

We will continue to dream in the hope of being able to make this magnificent journey, for the moment we limit ourselves to writing about it and making so many people like us dream.

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