Loggia Arpara: here is where to eat in Lerici

Loggia Arpara – the restaurant you don’t expect!

ЧWe have been arriving for a couple of hours with the idea of ​​spending the weekend at the Cinque Terre, and the first stop is at Lerici. Cozy, also welcoming well-kept city.

We wandered through the streets of the city center and pushed ourselves up to the Castle. The road is uphill, there are a few stairs, and the sun is hot. We are hot and hungry enough to start looking for a restaurant for lunch. We are determined to enter one of the many restaurants in the historic center, and once we arrive in Piazza Garibaldi, we begin to study the menus hung outside the various restaurants.

We don’t take long to choose. We stop to read the menu of the day of the Restaurant, Focacceria LOGGIA ARPARA, a not very large restaurant, which is partly developed on Piazza Garibaldi, under the umbrellas to shelter from the hot July sun. It’s scorching; it’s 39 degrees. We sit at a table in front of the restaurant entrance, in the shade. But as soon as we are seated, we are warned by the chef, who will soon be in the sun ultimately. It is at that moment that we realize that we have chosen the only table that has no shelter from the sun.

We move immediately under an umbrella, and the waitress directly brings us the menu. We like this place because there are not so many seats and the paper is the right length. Neither too long nor too short. We are on the sea and want to eat fresh fish. Let’s not waste time. At 2.30 pm we have to be on the dock.

We order the menu of the day, all based on fish. In a few minutes, a fresh carafe of sparkling water arrives and two glasses of chilled white wine.

Follow the trio of seafood appetizers with marinated anchovies, mussels, and stuffed courgette flowers: all delicious, especially the stuffed vegetables, a Ligurian specialty that we knew many years ago.

Here comes the dish that made us choose this restaurant: fresh trophies with squid ink with octopus and cherry tomatoes — what a show. Abundant meal, the quantity of fish exceeds that of pasta. Delicate flavor, but tasty and not at all greasy.

After a few minutes of a pause comes a huge mixed fried fish and vegetables. Light, crisp, golden. Exactly how we expected it. It’s a lot. We can’t finish it all.

When the coffee arrives, we are almost sorry to have to leave, but we have the boat for Portovenere waiting for us. We go to the cashier to pay. The bill is more than honest, 50 euros in two. We thank the chef and go away, aware of having found a new place to recommend to friends, relatives, and followers.

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