Passo della Presolana

We have lunch sitting at a table in front of the splendid Valcanale setting, and after a plate of polenta taragna, salamella, and melted cheese we are ready to continue the journey towards the Presolana Pass at about 20 km from Ardesio.

The road is clear, and before taking the way to the Presolana Pass, we stop for a moment to greet the Serio river, between Ardesio and Clusone, in the same place where we used to go as children. How nice to see that nothing has changed. The water is always clear, and the stones are still there, reminding us of the many afternoons spent playing and catching fish with the net.

Here we are. After an infinite number of switchbacks, we are in Castione Della Presolana. The pass of the same name is just short. Along the way, you can see the ski facilities well, and we notice that even in summer the area is equipped for tourists and mountain lovers. Numerous children line up at Bob’s run, also open at this time.


The Presolana Pass is located between Val Seriana, Val Borlezza, and Val di Scalve. It is a ski resort, the first of the Bergamo valleys, which in the 1930s began to use ropeways. Today there are five ski lifts and three ski lifts: 15 km of downhill ski slopes. Cycling enthusiasts also know the area – here, in fact, since 1938 the Giro d’Italia has passed there, and many cyclists are training on the hairpin bends.

We observe the landscape and finally parking. We are in front of a nice bar-chalet. We stop for a cold drink. Despite the altitude, the heat is felt. After a stop of about 15 minutes, we continue the walk towards the Belvedere, more commonly known as ” the jump of the spouses.”

The walk is pleasant, 10 minutes on foot crossing a plateau, until you reach a clearing, in the woods. From there continue for 50 meters uphill and arrive at the point indicated as SALTO DEGLI SPOSI.


The Belvedere, always known for its beauty, has become even more famous after the story of two young Polish spouses, who are said to be obsessed with this beautiful place.

It is said that at the end of the 19th century Massimiliano Prihoda, a famous musician, visited some relatives near the Presolana Pass and was so fascinated that he moved, together with his wife Anna Street, a renowned painter, in 1871.

The two boys had integrated perfectly in Durga, and they were very famous in the valley. Everyone knew them with the nickname “spouses.” What is said is that one evening, under a violent storm, the two spouses, dressed in celebration, went to the Belvedere, and for reasons still unknown, they threw themselves into the cliff. Their bodies were found in the morning by the forest guard, Bortolo Dovina, and since then the Belvedere is known as “Salto Degli sposi.”

We can only see the beauty of the place, the tranquility, and peace that this place conveys.


Once you arrive in the “Belvedere” area, about 30 meters from the Salto Degli Sposi, there is an area, perfect for taking panoramic photographs, with a very high and unfenced cliff. If you suffer from vertigo, avoid it. If you have children too. There are no barriers of any kind, and it seemed a bit dangerous to us. Always pay close attention.

I recommend dispassionate for the return: if you can, travel after dinner, you will avoid the traffic that we found. We left at 4.10pm we arrived in Milan after 7.00pm.

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