The Devil’s Bridge

The Devil’s Bridge

Its construction, on the river Serchio, was ordered around the year 1000 by Matilde di Canossa, to allow pilgrims and travelers to reach Lucca and its surroundings. The work is a masterpiece of perfectly preserved medieval engineering. It is about 90 meters long, and its central arch is over 18 meters high.

Every year, the sinister “bridge of the devil” is visited by thousands of tourists attracted, in addition to the architectural-landscape beauty, by the Legend of the Devil’s Bridge :

It is said that the foreman responsible for carrying out the work realized he could not finish the job on schedule and while he was in despair on the banks of the river, the devil appeared in front of him, who proposed to make an agreement: he would have thought to complete the work in one night, in exchange for the first soul that would have crossed the bridge.

The man in panic immediately accepted the proposal, and the evil one finished the work in just one night. The master builder, however, devoured by guilt, went to confession to the priest of the village and together they devised a plan to mock the devil.

The first soul that crossed the bridge was that of a pig, and the evil one was mocked. It is said that once the devil became aware of the deception, he threw himself from the bridge into the cold waters of the Serchio.

The visit to the bridge is not binding and does not last more than an hour.

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