The Livorno coast between rocks, sea, and absurd heat

But it seemed excessive to us. After all, this post is just a summary of our relaxing afternoon.

Yes, we took an afternoon break. We didn’t do it for a long time, between work, family, blogs, events, and other things in life. We needed it. And that’s how our yesterday afternoon begins: it’s 3 o’clock when we choose a point on the map of Tuscany. We prepare ourselves for the flight, and in 10 minutes we are already in the car.

Destination: California

We aim the navigator, and we leave. We have chosen a nearby destination, on the coast near Livorno. After 30 minutes of FI-PI-LI (Florence-Pisa-Livorno Large Communication Road), we are at the destination. We are in California. There is no traffic, it is Friday afternoon, and with this heat, they will all be quickly on the beach.

We are near Quercianella, more precisely in Punta Pacchiano. One of those places that when you see them live, you feel like you’re on a postcard.

Punta Pacchiano Photogallery

The clean sea, the jagged rocks and lots of cars and scooters parked wildly on the roadside. We stop in places where we don’t bother and take some pictures. The site is lovely. We want to take a bath, but despite a wait of over 1 hour, no parking is free.

We wanted to shoot a video with our GoPro, but it wasn’t possible. But we can show you a video that makes it very well. Here it is:

So a little bitter, we leave this fantastic point on the Livorno coast and aim the navigator towards the nearby Castiglioncello. The arrival bodes well for us. We find parking on the main street, but we’re not lucky this time either. We are in the famous Quercetano Bay, and the beach is very crowded. We can’t even stretch the beach towel. There are billions of people in a beach towel. We intend to take an umbrella with two chairs, but first, we want to freshen up a little.

Here’s what we didn’t like

We go to the bar of the beach establishment. Unfortunately, we don’t remember the name, but it is located between the Nettuno bathroom and the Aurora bathroom. One of us enters the bar, and the other stays on the phone. We put our sunglasses, camera, and backpack on the table. After 1 minute, the lady who manages the establishment arrives, and with a slightly annoyed voice asks, “do you need anything?” In the series – I know all my clients, and you are not on the list – Moira, left out, answers “No, thank you we have already ordered.”

She smiles, sarcastically, and tells us to disappear quickly. In short, an attitude that we did not like at all. We down coffee and leave. We didn’t get an umbrella. In hindsight, we wouldn’t have had coffee. Two customers have suddenly lost. And we certainly won’t come back here anymore.

Let’s go to Livorno

We get hot in the car and aim the navigator towards the center of Livorno, there is still some glimpse of the Livorno coast to see, but the intention is to eat fresh fish for dinner. We arrive in the city around 17:50. Let’s take a walk to the famous Terrazza Mascagni. It is deserted and under the sun. The floor is incandescent. We smile and move towards a yogurt shop.

We travel by car again – we leave the car in a paid parking lot, near the port and continue our walk.

We look at the shop windows, and in a short time, we find ourselves in the “Venice” district. It’s so hot that we have to stop again for a cold drink. It can’t be done anymore. At this point, we want to have dinner in an air-conditioned environment.

We conclude the evening at the Osteria Sapore DiVino, where we taste an excellent raw fish, an octopus millefeuille and potatoes and a genuinely remarkable grilled fish. The staff is kind, fast, and not at all intrusive. We have promoted with full marks. It is 10 pm when we leave the restaurant to cross the center of Livorno again.

We pass by the Fortress. A fortification erected near the city’s Medici Port. Its construction dates back to the sixteenth century, and even today, despite reconstructions and reconstructions, you can see Etruscan and Roman artifacts perfectly integrated. All kinds of boats are moored all around, the moon is reflected in the waters, and we can’t resist taking some night shots.

We return home at about 11 pm, tired, hot, but aware that we have experienced a beautiful afternoon of relaxation.

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