Travel budget: the method to stay up-to-date

We are not productive, we live with a meager fixed salary, “miserable” in the real sense of the term, and it has become increasingly complicated to set aside money as a vacation fund.

Like so many people, we also hate numbers, but it would be stupid not to realize that numbers are an integral part of our daily lives.

The two big categories of numbers that we unconsciously treat every single day refer mainly to TIME and MONEY. And even when we have to organize a trip, it’s no different. Just think of how many questions we ask ourselves before starting to plan a trip:

  • How many days does the journey take?
  • How much does the flight cost?
  • What time are we leaving?
  • How many stars does the hotel have?
  • How many miles will we drive?

We do this:

Ours is a rather standard method that can also be replicated in other areas and not just for travel. The secret is to recover and use the BUDGET well, avoiding going overboard before leaving. Simple right?

One of the first factors that are taken into consideration is the type of journey: is it an otr? Is it a slow journey? Is it a responsible journey? Will we be guests? This is the first question to answer because according to this choice, the budget can vary a lot, and it becomes difficult to adjust the shot when you are already away. Once the type of trip is chosen, it is the destination that commands. The third step is the analysis of local communities. What kind of services are there in the area?

We are now curious to know your economic planning process.

Be concrete: make quick accounts

The Travel Budget, the undisputed antagonist of our history, is also the absolute protagonist of our travel discussions. But how do we travel without breaking?

First, we do the maid’s accounts! The real accounts, not the imaginative ones. It is useless and counterproductive to create false expectations. If from the initial calculations the budget amounts to 1000 euros, it is futile to try to leave for Australia and expect to stay there for six weeks!

What is our travel budget made up of?

The first entry of our TRAVEL BUDGET is our savings. Obviously. It is not as innovative as an idea, but we know people who do not spare anything, they leave at the last moment with few pennies. Here for us, it would be unthinkable. We do not travel this way. We plan and do not overdo it.

On the 27th of each month, we deduct from our meager salary a share of around 15%. Not many, but they make the difference at the end of the year. Where do we put them? Certainly not under the mattress.

We opened a current account at no cost and deposited them there without being able to touch them. We have no credit cards or debit cards connected to that account, so we can’t spend. 🙂

That money becomes accessible whenever we are about to leave or pay for travel. Just a transfer to the main account and it’s done!

If we know we don’t have to leave for more than three months, we tie up the money and recover something (a little) as interest. If something wrong happens or something unexpected happens, we know that it is enough to make a transfer to get back the money available on the main account. This system has served us to avoid the “last second” holidays with little funds available.

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