Travel on the road: our ideas for 2020

Every year towards March, April we choose the half of the year, we study the feasibility and the best periods, and we review a low-cost itinerary as far as possible.

If you follow us for a while, you know that this year, in October, we will make the trip so dreamed that it would take us to visit the California Coast to Monument Valley, passing through Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and the Grand Canyon. An on the road itinerary of 2700 km to be done in 12 days. It will not be a joke, but we are charged, and we can’t wait to leave.

But if on the one hand, we have not yet left, on the other we cannot resist the idea of ​​thinking and evaluating the feasibility of our upcoming road trips, starting in January 2020.

There is only one problem: the world is significant, and we have a few holidays … damn it! We will have to make choices. Now if we have intrigued you at least a little, read on and tell us which of our proposals attracts you the most.

Our five road trips for 2020

1) Amalfi Coast – I know, many do not consider it a road trip, for us instead, it would be a dream come true to travel the famous state road 163 declared UNESCO Heritage in 1997. From Naples, away to Vietri on the Sea and then the beautiful coast passing from Conca Dei Marini, Praiano, Positano to Sorrento, where the hydrofoil for Capri is waiting for us. A dream trip that we hope to achieve by the autumn of 2020.

2) Lisbon + Algarve (Portugal) – The Algarve region, south of Portugal, ranks second in the 2020 ranking. A journey that we would like to make at the end of May starting from Lisbon, skirting the entire coast and arriving in Tavira.

3) Andalusia (Spain) – The classic tour of the warmest region of Spain. The idea is to start from Seville, passing through Cadiz, Gibraltar, Malaga, Granada, and Cordoba. Travel to do in autumn or at the end of the winter season. The warm period we leave him to an on the road in northern Europe.

4) Côte d’Azur (France) – We consider it as the Holy Grail of the European on the road. The charm of the Principality of Monaco with the most unbridled luxury and the coast that goes from Nice to Cannes, St Tropez and the island of Hyres to Montpellier. An undercover Hollywood divas holiday. Not in August.

5) Slovenia – Country that fascinates us a lot for its landscapes and for the unusually cold geographical position that could lead us to choose it precisely for our summer on the road. Let us assume an itinerary that starts from Trieste, a city we have never visited, and continues towards Grotte di San Canzano, Ljubljana, Lake Blend, Savica waterfalls, up to the Tricorno National Park.

These are the proposals we have put in place this week, if you have any advice, use the comments below as well, we always reply.

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