Valcanale: relaxation, nature and magic (Part 1)

It is here that at the age of 5, I learned to ride a bike without wheels, and it was always here that I started photographing the first panoramas and cyclamens in the woods. And they were good times because I could eat three giant croissants, with sugar grains for breakfast, without ever gaining weight.

And then there was the shopping day: Thursday, at the market. I went there with my grandmother, aunt, and sister and we bought everything. Grandpa was at home cooking. If I close my eyes, I see him still preparing the sauce, with the window open and the TV on “The streets of San Francisco.” But every day, the best moment was when you went to the river to play the bounce. They ate ice cream and then returned home to play cards in the garden. How much we played! And how many other things we did, there was no technology, internet, smartphones, and air conditioning, but we were happy. I could write a book about my summers spent in Ardesio. Who knows, maybe one day …

But, let’s go back to the post and the details that I have to disclose. We start from the beginning, that is, from telling you where we are:

Ardesio is located in the province of Bergamo, in the Upper Val Seriana, in the Orobie Alps, and its territory also includes Bani and Valcanale. It is located on the left bank of the Serio river. It has about 3,500 residents and is located at an altitude of approximately 600 meters. In summer the air is cold, and you sleep well even without a fan.

My grandparents found this place by word of mouth. They wanted a place not too far from Milan, where they could have a bit of cold off on the hot days of August.

It was 1983, and Ardesio was a clean, serviced, alive country, with regular prices and high-quality raw materials: cheeses, meats. In short, everything you need to detox from city stress. Everyone knew everyone, and they all looked a little like relatives. Well, we also felt part of the Artesian community, from that year and for the following 18 summers.

We’ve been there twice already this year. I wanted snow. I had never seen the country with snow, and I was dying to take some pictures in Valcanale. It will probably seem strange to you, but in the 80s and 90s, it was not so easy to have vacation days far from the classic “bridges.” My family was not even a lover of skiing, so we saw the snow in Milan and stopped.

But here is the opportunity: February 2019, time for wolves. It’s cold in Milan. Check the weather, and in the Bergamo area, they give sunny weather. Average temperature around 7 degrees. So while we are on the phone, I in Milan, Raffaella in Pisa, decide to go that same Friday. We leave with calm, with a beautiful sun. We arrive in Ardesio at around 11. Monte Secco is covered with snow, but not excessively. There is no snow in the village. I’m a little annoyed, but I’m sure there is snow in An aperitif is served in a bar in the center of Ardesio and continues to Valcanale.

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