Valcanale: relaxation, nature and magic (Part 2)

Immediately after the first three hairpin bends, we start to sea ice. And then finally, the landscape becomes magical, so different from how I remembered it. We stop several times along the way to get other cars coming in the opposite direction, and in the meantime, we begin to photograph the fairytale landscape we have before our eyes. It’s beautiful. And it’s not even cold. We arrive at the famous little lake, whereas a child we had a picnic with all our relatives in mid-August. It’s a show. There is no living soul around. We are alone and can enjoy this splendid panorama.

Let’s try a little excursion to the falls, but it’s not a thing. It slips a lot. We give up, but we are ecstatic. We stay there for a few minutes looking at the landscape and listening to the sounds of nature. We leave Valcanale satisfied and with wonder in the eyes.

We go down to the valley, and it’s almost 2 pm. We stop at Ardesio for lunch. We choose a pizza restaurant that I know well and that at noon offers the work menu at a bargain price. It is eaten discreetly, and portions are abundant. Happy we look at the photos you just took, and we promise to come back in the summer for a comparison.

In March we go to Copenhagen and almost at the same time our project, Food & Travel, is born. While we are waiting for our return flight from Denmark, we start thinking about our return to Valcanale.

And here we are, the month of June, the first Sunday with a perfect sun we start again towards Ardesio and Valcanale.

We always arrive at the same time; it’s 11 am, we want to do more or less the same route as the previous time. When we arrive at the destination, we see that the first parking lot is full. But the second is also complete. And listen, listen, even the third. There is no place. We turn 20 minutes before finding a corner to park.

The view before our eyes is genuinely incredible. The bright green of the vegetation merges with the lake, which is very clean and equally green. The place is full of families having a picnic, like when I was a child when I went to Ferragosto with my parents. It’s beautiful.

We go around the lake, some selfies, some panoramic views and then off into the woods. The waterfalls are there; when I was little, they seemed gigantic. Now they are little more than a couple of meters of a waterfall, but it always makes its effect. In February they were frozen and unreachable without spiked shoes.

Compared to our previous visit, we note, with great pleasure, that the place is equipped. You can rent sunbeds for sunbathing, and there are a bar and a grill that cooks salami, ribs, melted cheese and polenta. There is no need even to say it. We eat here.

We sit at the table, and as we have lunch, we start making new programs. The next trip? The Corte Alpi. A walk I took at the age of 14, and I’d like to do it again.

We take the car and start again. It’s only 3 pm.

For those coming from Milan, it is an elementary area to reach: 70 minutes by car – take the A4 motorway – direction Venice – exit at Bergamo, then follow the signs for Val Seriana.

Alternatively, you can reach by train to Bergamo and then the bus to Gromo. Frequency 6 daily trips – cost 4.90 euros.

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