Visit to FICO BOLOGNA: the largest food park in the world

Review, schedules, costs and useful indications to visit Fabbrica Italiana Contadina

We’ve been there twice because we liked it. Why should you visit a mega supermarket? Because it could be instructive. We, then, that we are two curious people and lovers of good food could not pretend nothing happened. We wanted to see with our own eyes how big it was and what attracts so many visitors.

Full review:

We have read several reviews, some very positive and others, on the contrary, a little less enthusiastic. So, with all due respect to the opinions of others, we want to clarify obligation: it is a food park. And this is found. Don’t expect different things. This is an agri-food park.

The thing that we have found entertaining and educational is the possibility for the visitor to see live some production processes that you would not see anywhere else. For example: raise your hand who has seen how to make mortadella? Here at FICO, you can see it.

Do you want to improve your pastry techniques? Here you can do it. In short, there are opportunities to understand which ones are right for you. The false expectations of FICO were created by reading reviews of people who thought they were going to the Carrefour area.

Well, once you entered it for us, it was immediately loved. At the reception, we took some information and the general map of the park.

What’s inside

It is beautiful to see how many high-quality products are on the shelves. Pasta brands never saw before with beautiful packaging. And then you start exploring everything. There is no inch that we have not seen. Some shops only sell pasta, others that sell only rice and others that only sell a type of tomato sauce. All of the highest quality.

And then there are the rooms that tell of biodiversity. Pleasant path. You enter a tunnel where you can see how from a small seed, you get to the plant full of leaves, ready to be used in the kitchen. We found it an instructive and relaxing journey.

Quality of raw materials

We want to talk to all those who have written in the reviews that the prices of FICO products are very high. Well, on the subject we have something to say to those who intend to visit this park: FICO prices are in line with the quality of the products. At least those we bought. There are products that you can buy and try only at FICO, excellent brands that you might find difficult to find in niche stores. And we say that we come from a land, Tuscany, which has many excellences.

Restaurants and superstores

We ate meat. We are not vegetarian, and we like it very much, as they say in our country. We chose a butcher with a kitchen, and we ate well. Two Chianina hamburgers, two drinks for about 30 euros. Here it seemed not expensive. It seemed to be in line with the prices of real braces that we have near home. If you want to eat the meat of the highest quality and spend as much as Mac Donald, you have the wrong place.

The second time we ate at a pasta factory. Quality of the pasta exceptional, but we were not satisfied 100% of the seasoning, to compensate we took an ice cream that was the absolute excellence never experienced. In short, we cannot advertise companies within FICO, but it will not be difficult for you to find this excellent ice cream shop.

And then the superstore arrives. The supermarket sells every good thing. In short, if you have to do the shopping for perfect items, excellent indeed, go to FICO BOLOGNA.


Aperitif on the beach. Yes to FICO they have set up a chiringuito complete with sunbeds, umbrellas, sand and beach huts. The aperitif is excellent, and the cost is reasonable. In short, a recommended experience.


But FICO has also thought about the youngest, including a covered beach volleyball court, a play area, and a mini-golf course. A bit of sport never hurts.


Outside there are animals: cattle, sheep, pigs, chickens and other birds that are usually found in farms, farmhouses and countryside areas. In short, don’t expect bears and elephants. It’s not a zoo. And then there are olive groves, orchards, gardens, truffle, and the extensive vegetable garden.


There is a post office. Very beautiful. The most beautiful ever seen in Italy. They thought of everything. If you want you can send a package of products immediately, you can do it!

And then another service that we enjoyed is the rental of bicycles to visit the park in agility and without polluting — eco-friendly and fun choice.

Please don’t do it!

We have not seen signs, so it will not be explicitly forbidden, but it is common sense. Please DO NOT BRING LUNCH TO HOME BAG. Do not you believe it? We saw groups of people walking around with the tinfoil sandwich. Here, no!

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