What to see in Monteriggioni: the village of Assassin’s Creed

This medieval village is located in the province of Siena, is located at the south-western end of the Chianti region and is not far from the splendid state road, a lousy panoramic view that leads to the heart of the Val d’Orcia.

Monteriggioni is located north of Siena. It stands on a hill planted with vineyards and olive trees, typical plants of the area that offer excellent food and wine excellences both in Italy and abroad.

The main element of the village of Monteriggioni is the Castle, built around 1220 and used as a defensive outpost against its rival Florence. From the sixteenth century its military function failed, given that Siena was annexed to the Florentine territory.


It is not possible to enter the village by car, but local communities have thought of it and have equipped the city with two huge parking lots, both for a fee. The nearest car park, about 50 meters from the entrance of the village is called “IL CASTELLO,” has a cost of 3 euros per hour of rest and if you go before 11 am the place is very quickly located.

Then there is another area used as a parking lot “IL CIPRESSINO” which is about 250 meters from the Monteriggioni entrance gate at 2.50 euros per hour.


The main entrance to the village is PORTA FRANCA or PORTA ROMEA, facing Rome it has a large arch. In the past, the drawbridge would have been positioned here, which was lowered onto a now-disappeared ditch. There is also Porta di Ponente, facing Florence, located next to the walls. Finally, there is also a MURATA door, reinforced after an attack with important firearms. The wall structure dates back to the 12th century and is still well preserved, almost 600 meters long and has a linear development. It is possible to climb the walls to see the surrounding hillside at its best.


It is the Church of Monteriggioni. It is located right in the main square together with the Museo delle Armi and many small businesses. Bars and restaurants that seem too much for the small village.

The church was built in the 13th century and has been restored several times. Its bell is dated 1299 and inside the Pieve of Santa Maria Assunta is kept a 17th-century painting dedicated to a local festival that takes place in October.


It is a small museum that runs in just over half an hour. Inside there are reproductions of medieval armor and accurate models illustrating techniques of war and siege. It is an ordered museum where each room is dedicated to a particular moment in the history of Monteriggioni. To underline the possibility for the public to be able to handle weapons and parts of the armor.


And we are always looking for particular locations. Movie tours are part of our itineraries and Monteriggioni has discovered to be the location chosen by Ezio Auditore to set the famous Assassin’s Creed video game. Visit Monteriggioni and try to be true medieval warriors!

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