What to see in Volterra in 1 day (Part 1)

A dive into the Middle Ages during “Volterra AD 1398.”

Volterra offers many possibilities. The first is undoubtedly to take a walk without any particular goals. And here you can also take a stroll through the streets of the historic center, but we offer a short itinerary, for just one day.

The city of Volterra is a medieval city of Etruscan-Roman origin, established around the 13th century. The town was already famous for working alabaster and already a destination for tourist itineraries in Tuscany, but in recent years it has become even more popular after the Twilight Saga – New Moon, by Stephanie Meyer filmed between Volterra and Montepulciano. Not everyone knows that the vampires, the “Volturi” of Meyer were originally from this beautiful city. Too bad, there is nothing real. There have never been vampires in this area. It’s just a story of great success. But let’s come to us and our day in Volterra.

First stop parking! Volterra is a city that has thought of travelers on the road, who reach this village by car. The city has ample parking, obviously outside the walls.

Where to park in Volterra?

  • P1 – A fee – maximum of 11 euros per day – or 1.50 euros per hour. It is located in P.zza Martiri della libertà
  • P3 – Porta Docciola – is free for cars. There is a large area for campers (fee: 8 euros per day)
  • P4 – Porta Fiorentina – for a price – 3 Euro per day
  • P5 – Vallebona – Free
  • Sant ‘Andrea Parking – Free
  • Jacopo da Volterra Parking – Free

Our itinerary starts from P3 – Fonti di Docciola parking lot. It is free and is quite large. If you arrive before 10 am, you will find a place. To reach the city and enter the walls, we have to take a stairway that is next to the Fonti di Docciola, built in the 13th century and used as a driving force for the numerous mills that worked for the factories in the area.

The staircase is beautiful, surrounded by greenery and in a shaded area. We arrive at the top, with a little breath, but we are in the city. Take the indication for Palazzo dei Priori, which stands in the square of the same name, one of the symbols of Volterra.

Palace and Piazza Dei Priori

The Piazza Dei Priori is the most famous square in Volterra. She’s gorgeous. The fulcrum of city life here stands the beautiful Palazzo dei Priori, the oldest in Tuscany, completed in 1257, designed by Riccardo da Como and built entirely of stone.

Inside is the Sala del Consiglio, completely frescoed and full of works of art. Some of the Twilight scenes were set inside the building.

Guarnacci Museum

The Guarnacci museum is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful Etruscan museums in Italy and one of the oldest public museums in Europe. The Museum was established in 1761 when the noble Mario Guarnacci donated his archaeological heritage and over 50,000 volumes collected during his research and his travels.

We did not have enough time to visit it carefully, but we will do so on the next visit.

Enrico Fiumi Archaeological Park

Our walk continues to the Enrico Fiumi Archaeological Park. A park is a place of discovery of Etruscan and medieval finds. It is bordered by the Etruscan walls and the Medici Fortress. It is considered the green lung of the city. A walk in the park is very relaxing even if you have a picnic program.

After lunch, we recommend a visit to the Torture Museum, which we will tell you at the end of the article. But first, let’s talk about the recent experience that brought us to Volterra on the most historic Sunday of the year. We were planning a visit to the “normal” city, but instead, we found a pleasant surprise that deserves a unique story.

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